secure & intelligent communication services

control, centralize, & manage your everyday, event-driven, & ongoing communications

utilize omni-channel communications with your employees, patients, & customers

consume robust APIs to serve your existing applications

secure texting


video sessions

protection for ePHI and other sensitive data when texting with employees, patients, customers, caregivers, & connections

sustained, intelligently-determined communications based on workflows or dynamic data conditions

a user-friendly interface enabling secure electronic video visits for patients and their providers, loved ones, and caregivers

endlink® provides secure & intelligent
Communications as a Service (CaaS)

built to address the communication challenges of the healthcare industry

unlike other CaaS platforms, our advanced toolsets manage communications with both patients & employees

powerful & flexible enough for effective use in any industry

security capabilities built from the ground up to meet the exacting HIPAA compliance requirements of the healthcare industry

dynamic data exchange

API     Files     XML     FHIR     HL7

exchanges & consumes data
from different healthcare systems

meets FHIR R4 standards


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