personal • powerful • persuasive

meaningful, intelligently-determined communications

automatic workflows & communication campaigns 

omni-channel outreach

what is an engagement platform?

a tool for building outstanding
customer relationships & experiences
using sustained, meaningful communications

alerts & notifications

have a bit of news that needs to go out to a segment of your customer base?

how about a special offer that some of your customers need to know about?

the engagement platform can send that information to the specific customers you’re trying to reach

when the information you send customers is consistently relevant to them, they’ll know that your communications are always worth checking out

instant acknowledgement

customers want to know that their voice has been heard

the engagement platform is equipped to automatically respond to a variety of customer requests

for the ultimate customer service experience, customer responses to campaigns and workflows can even be seamlessly converted into conversations with live employees


the engagement platform can detect when a patient has not yet scheduled a recurring appointment and automatically reach them on your behalf

this keeps patients engaged by giving them an easy, actionable way to maintain or or improve their health

it also helps providers—when patients are visiting regularly, that creates a consistent, stable revenue stream

education & adherence

patients need to be educated about their treatments

they also need touch points to ensure that those treatments are being properly prepared for and attended to

the engagement platform can easily automate both processes

it also allows event-driven scheduling to ensure that communications are delivered at the correct times in a patient’s healing journey

use our tools to create custom communication types

direct • remind • inform • acknowledge • educate • instruct • alert


…patients about their upcoming appointments

…customers about unpaid invoices

…patients to pick up their medications


…patients of their appointment confirmation

…customers about today’s sale items

…customers that their order is ready


…patients about upcoming appointments

…patients about upcoming procedures

…patients about post-procedure expectations


…customers about unexpected closures

…the community about impending emergencies

…patients about reschedules


…a patient’s medication refill request

…a customer’s response to a question

…a patient’s request for a reschedule


…patients about lab requirements

…patients about when to start medications

…patients about pre-op requirements


…patients to take their medication

…patients to report to a certain room

…patients to return to the clinic for service

simple setup, powerful execution

know your audience

blanket communications don’t work

if you sent all of your messages to all of your customers, you’d be a nuisance (because many of your messsages would seem irrelevant to their recipients)

manually selecting which customers need to receive which messages takes too much time (and makes managing high-volume communications impractical)

the engagement platform resolves both problems

just select data criteria (an age range, a medical condition, etc.) appropriate to your communication 

your message will be delivered specifically to customers who meet those criteria

workflows (the workhorse)

you and your customers have countless interactions every day

many of those interactions require followups, educational materials, confirmations, and other standard communications that need to go out almost every day, to one person or another

use the engagement platform to define what those communications are, then match them to your data community

your everyday communications are now automated

congratulations—you just saved your company countless hours while exponentially increasing your meaningful engagements with your customers


you’ve already taken care of the everyday

now it’s time for a special event, promotion,
or announcement

it’s time for a campaign

preparing a communication campaign is as easy
as 1-2-3

1. create the communications you need
(and choose their type—SMS, voice, email, etc.)

2. select the target demographics from your community

3. press save

then, watch the results pour in!

advanced campaigns

sometimes, a basic campaign is all you need

but for large campaigns, you’ll need a way to
avoid overloading your call center
or response team

that’s when you turn to advanced campaigns

these special campaigns are configured to roll out in staggered phases

this creates a more balanced workload
and greater long-term success

and once you prepare it, it takes care of itself

we’re proud to be one of The Campaign Registry’s
Campaign Service Providers

omni-channel communication

reach your audience members
using their preferred communication methods

SMS • MMS • HTML Email • Voice • Video • endlink® Secure Messenger

pick your carrier of choice

template builder

craft beautiful email templates and landing pages…

…or use/customize the 100+ we made for you!

Children on Bridge

Kissing Belly


Woman Skin Care

Cat Teeth

Two Fingers


Monthly Office Picnic

French Bulldog


Scared Baby

Pregnant Lady

Yawning Baby

Eye Exam


Vitamin C






…and so much more

  • easily integrate with data sources
    (import, drag and drop, or use APIs)
  • private label options available
  • analytics/reports
  • smart URLs

security & privacy

are at our core

data security & privacy are our #1 focus

we’re built from the ground up to handle these needs

your patients/customers expect security; you should, too

want to get in touch?

simple • secure • stunning

secure texting for your employees, patients, & customers

protection for ePHI & other sensitive data

centralized communication management