solving communication challenges

producing better outcomes for employees, patients, and customers

what we built

communications as a service

We created a Communications as a Service (CaaS) platform containing three unique toolsets.

The toolsets empower organizations to improve their employees’ and customers’ experiences through better engagement and communication.

Developers can also use our developer portal to connect our powerful APIs to their existing applications.


our CaaS toolsets

advanced secure texting

Offers communication with and between employees, patients, customers, caregivers, and professional connections via a simple texting interface.

Empowers organizations to monitor and maintain chain of custody over its communications.

Supports secure transmission of multiple media types (photos, videos, scanned documents, and other files).

Built for maximum security and privacy for both employees and customers. Provides protection for ePHI and other sensitive data.

Allows the organization to set individual employees’ permissions, including which employees can speak with customers.

Contains one of the most advanced on call systems in the industry.

Available on Android, iOS, and web browsers.

omni-channel communications 

Generates sustained, intelligently-determined communications based on dynamic data condition workflows or user-defined campaigns.

Augments engagement using omni-channel communications (SMS, MMS, HTML email, voice, video, and the endlink® secure messenger) to reach customers the way the organization wants to reach them or the way they want to be reached.

Highly scalable—equipped to process and deliver millions of transactions every month.

Contains a powerful HTML-enriched media creation kit and a variety of professionally-designed built-in templates.

Delivers “smart URLs” to improve customer experiences (and click rates!).

We are proud to be one of The Campaign Registry’s Campaign Service Providers.

robust video sessions

A user-friendly interface enabling secure electronic video visits for patients and their providers, loved ones, and caregivers.

TeleHealth system allows organizations to engage with patients using the new global communication standard for healthcare.

Also utilizes the world’s first TeleShare™ system, as part of our commitment to offering the best possible patient experience. Allows patients to share medical encounters with their caregivers and loved ones via an intuitive invitation system. (Perfect for elderly patients with caregivers and mothers/fathers sharing pregnancy progress with friends and relatives.)

Uses waiting room entertainment options to keep patients engaged (and sometimes even educated!) while waiting for providers to join their sessions.

Removes the burden of managing consent for the organizations—automatically requests and records consent from participants.

Does not require patients to install an app.

who it helps

initial market: healthcare

Built to adhere to the rigorous security and privacy requirements of the healthcare industry (HIPAA).

First target market segments: Ambulatory, acute, and post-acute care, as well as health plans.

Flexibile enough to function effectively in any industry.


Equips organizations to centralize, manage, and control their internal and external electronic communications.

Protects ePHI (electronic Protected Health Information) and other types of sensitive data.

Keeps employees accountable and customers engaged.


Offers convenient ways to reach customers, caregivers, professsional connections, and other employees.

Automatically enforces necessary security and privacy protocols without disrupting productivity.

customers & patients

Provides regular, meaningful engagement.

Enables faster, more convenient ways to connect.

Does not require installing special apps.

caregivers & professional connections

Makes collaboration between organizations and individuals convenient and secure while protecting everyone’s privacy.


Use powerful APIs to enhance their own internal applications with the endlink® toolsets’ unique
and robust capabilities.

how we built it

  • unique SCREEM™ development methodology
  • intelligent agile design
  • intensive preproduction cycle
  • constant development velocity
  • focus on consistency & persistence

who we are

bill esslinger

executive officer

rob white

product & strategy

ruben viera

chief of technology

robert kane

design & production

  • 20+ years in digital healthcare
  • over $1B in transactions
  • 15-year VP, GC, & Secretary at Greenway
  • shapes growth strategy (people & $)
  • built healthcare businesses (2 exits)
  • sold engagement platform
  • CEO/founder of PeopleLYNK
  • solves complex problems simply
    • mckesson & blue cross blue shield
    • vice president of R&D at PeopleLYNK
    • design/dev for healthcare software
    • creates architecture/solutions
      • wrote & supervised 100+ commercials
      • managed software & film production teams
      • edited & designed 2 educational books
      • produces design & marketing materials

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