safe • convenient • engaging 

robust electronic visits in a simple interface

unique teleshare™ experience

effortless user connection (no app to install)

what is telehealth?

electronic video visits that allow patients to…

…reach their providers from anywhere, using desktop devices, mobile phones, or tablets

…eliminate time spent in the waiting room and traveling to the office

…get the care they need without being exposed to crowds 

…feel safer, more comfortable, & more willing to regularly tend to their health

easy-to-use telehealth visits

sometimes, a patient & provider just need to talk

it could be a simple followup to a previous visit

maybe the patient needs something looked at quickly

perhaps the patient is unable to reach the office

with telehealth, these visits can be efficient & effective

(and patients don’t even need an app!)

what is teleshare™?

group video visits that allow patients to…

…share special moments or encounters with their loved ones who are far away

…work with the doctor to manage invitations and admissions to the visit

…admit other providers or caregivers to an encounter for coordinated care

…maximize the power of their virtual visits in a way that no other software allows

unique teleshare™ visits

patients can’t always have everyone they want in the room with them

TeleShare™ allows patients & providers to work together to bring others into a visit

imagine if your mother & sister could be with you when you get your first ultrasound

imagine that all your doctors & caregivers could work together to resolve a tricky health concern

 you don’t have to imagine any more—TeleShare™ makes it both possible & easy

what is consent management?

a powerful security feature that…

…ensures the patient,  provider, and any other participants have consented to the visit

…works automatically (much simpler than obtaining consent in person)

…saves the time and date of the consents for recordkeeping purposes

…reduces the provider’s liability while maximizing convenience for the patient

waiting room entertainment

what do patients do while waiting for a provider?

they won’t be wandering away with endlink®

instead, they can enjoy a fun game

or watch a practice-tailored video playlist

(which can be amusing, educational, or both!)

unique power, simple interface

  • waiting room entertainment
  • consent management
  • private chat
  • invitation management
  • APIs for integration with your systems
  • screen sharing
  • web, iPhone, & Android
  • no app to install

security & privacy

are at our core

data security & privacy are our #1 focus

we’re built from the ground up to handle these needs

your patients/customers expect security; you should, too

simple • secure • stunning

secure texting for your employees, patients, & customers

protection for ePHI & other sensitive data

centralized communication management

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